Friends & Motherhood

Ever since I had my first daughter in 2013 I found it hard to keep real friends around let alone family. They say the real ones stick around and I hardly believe that saying because I only have one real true friend who I’ve been friends with since Junior High and we lost contact for a few years because of life struggles she was going through. Life went on and I had my firstborn and now that I live down in Florida that best friend of mine moved back to New York. She was only down in Florida for a short while and it was so great having her friendship back.

Now that she’s gone it feels so different not having a true friend. I have another friend and it’s so different from her. Things get weird at times and I can’t always see my self being open with her about my own life or how I am because I’m a complicated person to know. Do you ever find yourself feeling alone because you can’t have friends who are moms and understand what you go through? And when you do you don’t want to get to close because you don’t want to be judged. That’s how I feel having certain friendships. I always feel like I can’t be to open with people because I have in the past and they’ve let me down. I’ve been hurt and lied to and used. It hurts especially when you just want your children to have a close friend to grow up with or you want to have a friend who will be that friend who’s with you through it all. I can’t say I’ve always had that and it feels terrible but I’m a way good because I’m a very guarded person. Life’s made me that way. Even with family I can’t say or do certain things around them till this day because they are so judge mental.

What I want people to understand when I write this post and your reading is that even though friendships are hard learn to trust yourself enough to let someone in just enough so they know who you are and what your about but not enough that they’ll take advantage of you. Til this day I won’t trust everyone I meet 100% because this crazy world we live in now a days it’s hard to just be okay with everyone you let into your life.

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Xo – Marielli

Anxiety and being a Mom

Hey, it’s been a long time coming now a few months since I last posted my post Keeping your Mom Sanity in Check and well that’s exactly what I haven’t done. It’s been rough the past month dealing with my own health issues and life itself I can admit I didn’t follow my own rules from time to time. Things get rough and being a mom isn’t always fun. Mentally I feel drained at times and just feel like when Is the day going to be over so I can get some sleep or quiet time. Is that so bad? I mean we moms do so much for others we forget about ourselves at times and that’s not good. Sometimes we have to forget the laundry, dishes and cleaning up and really just sit back and don’t do shit for the day because it’ll be there tomorrow right ??

I feel like my anxiety really kicks in when my toddler acts up. I feel like I’ve lost control and she just dips her lid and goes off with a tantrum and then I’m there stuck trying to fix things and be a good mom but in reality, I’m really crying inside because of 1. I have a migraine now & 2. She’s screaming her head off and I’m exhausted from hearing her yell. Sometimes I cave and give her what she wants and it doesn’t make things any better but then I’m like shit what is that teaching her so I take it away and sit and talk to her about what she’s done. She hates it, screams some more and then asks me nicely. I’m like okay maybe we’re getting somewhere now?

Do you ever just feel like so much is on our plates that by the end of the day your like F this and just do whatever YOU want because we’ve done so much the whole day for everybody else the night is the only time you can really be at peace with yourself because everyone is sleeping and not calling you mommy every 5 minutes? Yeah, that’s how I feel at night. I’m taking my time in the shower actually washing my body is the correct way, not the mom why you know, in and out with soap still on your ass. Days like those when things are hectic and crazy I have such bad lent breakdowns I cry and just feel so alone. I question my own motherhood and say am I really a good mom if the kids are fighting 24/7 and I don’t give them all the want? Or because I’m yelling at them.

It’s hard. Hard as hell to be a mother. A stay at home mother at that. I miss working at times and being free and making my own money, don’t get me wrong my husband provides us with all we need and want but sometimes being a woman and making you earn your won money from working hard makes us feel accomplished and I miss that feeling. Like yeah, I worked 50 hours and made a big ass check to spend on things you like. (me and my thoughts haha) but growing up and having kids makes you realize that’s not always important it’s the quality time with the kids that’s more than being out there working a full-time job. I’m lucky enough to be able to see my kids all day and be an actual mom to them.

Now for the busy working mamas out there, I give it to you all. You bust your butts for your families and that’s amazing but that’s not how I grew up. I can’t have a nanny watch my kid that gives me anxiety already thinking about it with all the crazy stuff you see on T.V I love my kids too much to put them in daycare. It’s way too costly too.

It really took a lot for me to get this typed up. I really want to k ow your thoughts and how you moms go about each day living with anxiety or depression and what makes you feel this way?

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Ways to Keep your Mom Sanity in Check

Hey Loves,

Today I’m talking about Sanity. How you should keep it down when under stress and how I keep mine in check when I’m having a crazy and stressed day. Mothers are the type who work 24/7 and don’t get paid for it.. of course only in kisses and hugs from our kids. But honestly, sometimes life and being a mom can get overwhelming. We do everything for everyone and never get to fully have a day to use. When I’m having a stressful day and feel like I’m losing my shit I sit down in the room locked and just cry it out. Honestly, it helped so much to just let everything go and have no one bothering me or asking me for anything. My kids can be in the other room going crazy and knowing I’m just getting a second to breathe really keeps my stress levels down. I love to do face masks and do some skincare facials on days when my skin is stressed from all the stress I’m dealing with these are more quick ways to just focus on me while I’m out the shower or before bed.

I can admit I can get a bit overwhelmed with much. I’m home often alone and with my kids tending to there every little need. And although I love being a mom it gets tiring and my body and mind need some TLC and some sleep. I mean a full 8-10 hours. Haha. If only. Another way is to write it out. Literally right down how your feeling each day and the end of the week see how far you’ve come. Having less stressful days and feeling at peace with yourself really makes me feel like I’m getting my crap together and not going crazy with everything and everyone else. I love keeping a spiral notebook by me and writing my thoughts before I go to sleep that way I can let everything go and sleep peacefully.

I feel like at night if I don’t get my thoughts out I have more trouble sleeping than anything and doing this really helps me get my thoughts and my anger out on paper. if I’m stressed during the day with my kids or my husband or whatever we’re dealing with at home together I feel like it helps me alleviate some of that off my back. so doing this really helps me feel at peace when I’m sleeping and just makes me feel like the next day will be a better day than it was today. Another way that I like to alleviate some stress is by talking to a close friend or family member of what I’m going through just to get some of that advice and maybe their insight on things that I can do to just get my mind off of things that I’m dealing with.

I like joining Mom groups either on Facebook or Twitter and being able to talk to other moms about what you’re going through and feel like you’re not the only one dealing with this is very helpful. You never know you can wind up making friends that way or build bonds and relationships with other moms in your area and have play dates. I’ll link down below some mom groups I’m on Facebook.

Mom’s Support Group

The Mom Life Suppprt Group

You can join these groups by answering the questions and you’ll be able to join.

I hope some of these Tips or ways I help with stress help you. If you have good ways to help you be stress-free and give yourself some love let me know down below.

Xo Marielli 💕

Update | Life | Blog Goals

hey everyone,

it’s been away too long, gosh I haven’t blogged since May. That’s despicable. I could admit it’s been hard for me lately. Being a stay at home mom has its perks and downfalls. honestly, I’ve been in a funk with blogging and haven’t been motivated as much as I used to be. I feel like all these trends with beauty come up and it’s so hard to keep up with especially when you’re a stay at home mom with one income. I see so many people blogging nowadays and see their achievements and I get stuck saying whens my turn for success and goals met. blogging is a full-time job and its definitely not an easy thing to do when you have a billion other things on your plate.

I feel like things don’t come easy and I learned to understand that I need to take my time when it comes to growing this blog or my following on Instagram. this whole following and the unfollowing game is ridiculous and really stressful that’s why I’ve been missing and just focusing on myself and my family. I think social media becomes so fake and some people can take it a bit too seriously and become nasty about things. I can’t lie and say I never became obsessed with it. from getting followers to my like count I was on it 24/7 and saw it becoming a problem so I stopped posting as often as I did.

It’s hard to keep up with peoples pages as well. I felt like I was being used at times to help get PR or help a person grow their page. once there page grew they unfollowed me. I want to change and be better at everything in my life and be more real with you all about everything. Photos online gave you all the sugarcoated shit and I don’t want to do that for you guys because you all have given me so much support. I am definitely going to revamp and fix this blog up and expand my topic to new things like Mental health, marriage topics, real life motherhood and more. Of course I will be keeping my beauty, skincare and children’s product reviews on here but it won’t be excessive.

I want to be able to connect and change things in ways that make an effect in real life. I want to change the way I engage with you all and want to have you see the real true Marielli. With that being said stay tuned for a new revamp on the blog, some new blog topics & real-life talk.

DIY – Sugar Waxing With Sugar Bella Co.

Sugar Waxing !!! what is it? how do you use it? and how are you able to use it at home the safe and easy way I’ll tell you how. I’ve never tried any types of at home waxing kits until I got the chance to review Sugar Bella Co Sugar Paste Kit. Here are my thoughts and experience with them.

Sugar Bella Co. makes this incredible waxing kit that’s all natural and safe to use. You could even use it while pregnant. I was a bit nervous at first to actually wax myself because well I could admit it’s been a while since I’ve waxed my face or any part of my body. I’m more of a razor type of gal but ever since I used this sugar kit I think I’m changing my razor for a wax strip instead. Waxing is easier to use, safer and helps lessen the growth of your hair by removing it completely from the root. As to shaving only cuts the top portion of the hair and keeping the root intact.

This sugar paste is vegan, handmade, hypoallergenic, and has all natural ingredients such as

🌿 Sugar

🌿 Aqua

🌿 Citrus Mitis Blanco Juice

The container of wax can be heated at about 30seconds in the microwave and let it cool before applying so you don’t burn your skin. Especially the sensitive areas. One thing I liked about this sugar paste is that it was very easy to apply and the woven cloths covered a good amount of area. These can also be cut to different sizes if need be. I also loved the scent and the comfortability I had doing this in my own home.

I used this for my peach fuzz on the side of my face and for my forehead where I tend to break out the most because of clogged pores. Once cooled I applied it to my fave and it adheres very quickly which I loved. I let it sit for a few minutes and made sure I held my skin so I wouldn’t hurt myself and pulled the strip off. And BAM!! all those peach fuzz hairs are off. I have not tried this on my legs yet but definitely will once my hair grows back in. I actually would love to see it work on my legs cause although I love to shave them getting nits and cuts can be a pain annoying. Anyway back to the review.

I definitely was able to tell the difference and the feeling of my skin after I took off the strip made a difference for me because I’m very fuzzy on the side of my face and this paste actually removed my peach fuzz easily. which was much easier for me to apply my make up than with the peach fuzz on. It felt very smooth and soft. I didn’t have much redness either. I’m very happy with this kit. It works on my sensitive skin and you can use it while you’re pregnant without having to worry about any nasty chemicals. If you have any breakouts or eczema prone skin I’d advise you not to use this as it could cause a flare-up. You must apply a bit of talc-free baby powder before applying it to sensitive areas so you won’t irritate the skin. I didn’t use any because I didn’t have but it worked just fine.

This kit costs $55 for 100g of the product.

It lasts a few months depending on usage and amount of paste your using.

Sugar Bella Co. has a lot more information on there Instagram !! Go check them out 🥰

Thank you for Reading 💕

Xo, Marielli

Why Im switching to a more Vegeterian lifestyle..

Over the years I’ve eaten really badly. I’m getting older and need to get my health in check. I’ve had my weight fluctuate from losing and gaining and breaking out on my skin. I could admit eating bad became a lifestyle for me. Why? Because being a mom is hard work and who wants to cook fresh meals every single day! not me. That’s for sure. I know I sound horrible saying that. I know giving my family a “processed meal” for dinner or any time of the day isn’t healthy but it’s so much quicker and easier to make. After these past few years, I’ve really been hate how I feel after eating crappy food. Well, it’s been a while but I’m finally just chasing my diet and my families as well. I get super bad headaches and feel groggy. I got tired of just feeling drained and tried all the time.

These past few months I’ve changed my diet completely. I’m drinking almond milk now and eating less processed foods. The kids are no longer eating junk foods as much as they did and my husband is eating much better. I can honestly tell you it feels great to have switched up my diet and the feeling of waking up and not feeling so blah is great. I wake up less exhausted and feel like I’m losing weight little by little. My weight is one of the main reasons why I decided to change my eating habits. I’ve been a big girl most of my life. Always curvy and never thin. I don’t have a problem with being curvy I just want to feel a bit more comfortable wearing shorts or short dresses without having my legs feel like they’re irritated. Now I’m all for being a woman who is considered “big” whatever that means (I’ve always been considered big or plus size in doctor terms) eye roll cause I know I’m healthy and just have a little more to love.

My favorite food so far since I started eating better has to be peanut butter and banana sand which’s with whole grain nutty bread. I usually would eat this for breakfast with a small cup of coffee with almond milk and two sugars. For sugar, I get stevia sugar or a low-calorie liquid sweetener. Lunchtime I eat a more protein based meal like a chicken salad with spinach, kale, and avocado oil dressing. If I’m cooking different meals for dinner I eat a lentil bean salad with organic grass fed chicken and brown rice. I like to mix it up at times with mixed veggies or just a salad with no chicken and chickpeas and corn.

So far I’ve lost 6 pounds and I’m going to continue my weight loss journey until I am at my weight goal which is 150. Right now I’m 216 which is fairly “big” my weight usually goes to my legs and butt this is something I’m trying to control, tone and lose.

I will keep you all informed and have an update in a few months on my health, diet and some things that are going on.

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Xo, Marielli

Yeast Infections & BV: The At-Home Solution to the Problem You Don’t Want to Talk About

This is a guest blog post, all opinions, thoughts, and information are of the guest. I do not own rights to this information.

So ladies here’s a topic I never liked to think about and no one wants to talk about it but we’ve all been there: bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections are problems we sometimes live with. Before you make an embarrassing and expensive appointment with your doctor, I have something that can fix the problem safely at home: 


Boric Acid:

I know, sounds scary, right? The truth is boric acid has natural homeopathic properties that help restore proper pH to the vagina to clear up yeast infections and BV that happen when your pH is too high or two low. Here’s what you should know about this at-home remedy for the discomfort and embarrassing odor you’re dealing with. 


Why Vaginal pH Matters –

Your vagina needs a balanced pH to keep fungal and bacterial numbers in check. A normal vaginal pH is around 3.8 to 4.5 which is somewhat acidic. If the pH goes past 4.5, the vaginal environment becomes too alkaline. This allows bacteria to grow out of control and the result can be bacterial vaginosis or BV. 

If the pH gets too low, it makes the vaginal environment too acidic. Candida albicans, a type of fungus that is naturally found in the GI tract, mouth, skin, and vagina, can grow out of control and cause a yeast infection. When bacteria or yeast grow out of control, they push your vaginal pH even further out of balance creating a vicious cycle. 


Why You Should Avoid Antibiotics

As women, we’re usually pretty used to taking antibiotics to treat problems like BV and UTIs. The problem is that while antibiotics can cure BV and bacterial UTIs, they can cause more problems than they solve. One of the most common causes of yeast infections? Taking antibiotics. When you take antibiotics, the bacteria protect ing the vagina can be destroyed. Antibiotics also alter the balance of bacteria in the vagina and change the vaginal pH.  You may solve one problem only to create another: a painful yeast infection down the road. 


If you’re like many women who have chronic vaginal infections, antibiotics aren’t doing you any favors. A large share of women who treat a yeast infection or BV with antibiotics have a recurrent infection within months. Taking antibiotics too often also contributes to antibiotic-resistant bacteria — a problem you definitely don’t want. 

How Boric Acid Helps-

Boric acid is made from borax, an antiseptic that you may know for its insecticide properties. Yes, boric acid is used to kill insects around the house and it’s definitely not something you should consume but it’s perfectly healthy to use outside the body or as a suppository. Boric acid is a safe home remedy for curing even stubborn cases of bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections by bringing the vagina back into its natural, slightly acidic state. This stops the overproduction of yeast or bacteria. This isn’t like some natural remedies you may see recommended that don’t really do much to fix the problem. Research shows boric acid is 77-88% effective at treating bacterial vaginosis. If you don’t think that’s so great, consider the typical antibiotic used to treat BV which is just 70-80% effective and risks causing a yeast infection. Plus, many women who take antibiotics have a recurrence of the BV within months.Boric acid even works well against resistant strains of yeast that are unlikely to be knocked out by prescriptions alone. Even your gynecologist would likely recommend boric acid as an affordable and effective treatment with little risk at all. 

To treat your BV or yeast infection at home, use the VeeFresh VeeFresh boric acid suppositoriesat night for one to two weeks. You can even use it as a preventative measure if you’re prone to vaginal infections. Boric acid suppositories can be inserted just like a tampon. Try to insert the suppository at the same time each night for best results. As long as you don’t touch boric acid to an open cut or wound or swallow it, you shouldn’t have to worry about side effects or any risks. Boric acid suppositories are the latest thing I can swear by to finally break the cycle of pH imbalance and the painful symptoms that come with it. 

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Everyday Natural Lipsticks

 This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase using these links, I make a small commission which allows Makeup like a mom Blog to keep bringing you new content. I appreciate if you do, but if you don’t, that’s okay. 

Having an all natural lipstick color is always hard to find especially when you don’t want to have one that makes you look blotchy or not for your skin tone. I love a good natural pink lipstick or lip gloss one that’s natural to your own lip color and one that’s matte but not too drying. I love these 3 colors from BECCA Cosmetics, Colourpop Cosmetics,  Gerard Cosmetics, & MakeupGeek  The colors are :

  • Mocha – Becca Cosmetics
  • Dozy – Colourpop Cosmetics 
  • Wild Berry Tart – Gerard Cosmetics 
  • Quickstep – Makeup Geek


Everyday Natural Lipsticks

Some of the pigments are super glossy and creamy.  As for the makeup geek lipstick it’s very drying and dries very matte which im not a huge fan of. It makes my lips feel patchy. my favorites are the Gerard Cosmetics. They have so many amazing products for a good price and they are well worth it. You can find these products here.

Makeup Geek (discontinued)

Colourpop Cosmetics  (comes in a set)

Becca Cosmetics

here are some swatches of the lipsticks…


lip swatches

I really love the mocha lipstick from Becca Cosmetics. I’m not one to wear lipstick often but this one really won me over its creamy, applies on nicely and has great color payoff. The Colourpop and Makeupgeek lip stains are great options for a date night or night out.


Are lipsticks your thing? Do you wear them often ? have you tried any of these ?


Let me know your thoughts…

Thank you for reading!!